$1000. To do something awesome. Right here.

You're Awesome... now get rewarded for it!

Grants to create something awesome don’t come around every day. But they do come around monthly, with Awesome St. John’s. So for the artists, the community builders, the tech visionaries, the socially conscious and others with ideas that can be described as ‘awesome’ there’s now help. Help, in the form of a $1000 grant to make an awesome idea happen.

Open your brain and dig into our pockets. If you can come up with something that the Awesome St. John’s trustees deem to be ‘awesome’, well then you’re going to have some money on your hands to get it done. What’s awesome? People in other cities have made concrete ping pong tables for public areas, built large-scale public instruments, and provided basic healthcare to the homeless.

So, what are you going to do with our $1000 to make St. John’s even more awesome? Check out the easy application process, and make it happen.

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Have an Awesome

It can be art, community, business, health, whatever. No categories, no limits.

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Let Us Know by Applying

It’s an easy form to fill out. And its right here.

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Continue Being Awesome!

Keep coming up with ideas, keep applying, keep being awesome.